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This is a sculpture clay designed to withstand freeze/thaw conditions which makes it great for outdoor sculpture or tile. This clay is abundant with course grog to promote structural stability and firing strength. Bigfoot is excellent for coil and slab construction. It fires to a warm buff in oxidation and toasty red brown in reduction.


Avg. Shrinkage 2±%: 3.5%

Avg. Absorption 1±%: 7.72%


  • 25lb/ 1bag $20.90 /bag
    100lb/ 4bags $18.70 /bag
    500lb/ 20bags $17.19 /bag
    1000lb/ 40bags $14.80 /bag
    2000lb/ 80bags $14.07 /bag
    4000lb/ 160bags $12.93 /bag
    8000lb/ 320bags $12.52 /bag


    For any orders over 75lbs, Please call (720)-282-9594.

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