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Fool's Gold is as smooth as porcelain and will throw like stoneware. Even rumored to possess magical properties for those potters that know how to use magic. It will fire off white in oxidation and gray in reduction.


High Fire Cone 8-11
Avg. Shrinkage 2±%: 13.5%
Avg. Absorption 1±%: 1.56%

L&R Fool's Gold

  • 25lb/ 1bag $19.34 /bag
    100lb/ 4bags $17.58 /bag
    500lb/ 20bags $14.82 /bag
    1000lb/ 40bags $13.46 /bag
    2000lb/ 80bags $12.54 /bag
    4000lb/ 160bags $11.50 /bag
    8000lb/ 320bags $11.50 /bag 


    For any orders over 75 lbs, Please call (720)-282-9594.

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