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Hillcreek Stone is a smooth and very plastic body. It is great for functional ware and fires a buff color.


High Fire Cone 8-11

Avg. Shrinkage 2±%: 12.9%
Avg. Absorption 1±%: 0.42%

L&R Hillcreek

  • 25lb/ 1bag $24.20 /bag
    100lb/ 4bags $21.18 /bag
    500lb/ 20bags $18.43 /bag
    1000lb/ 40bags $16.72 /bag
    2000lb/ 80bags $16.05 /bag
    4000lb/ 160bags $14.38 /bag
    8000lb/ 320bags $14.38 /bag

    For any orders over 75 lbs, Please call (720)-282-9594.

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