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White Raku fires white and is slightly smoother than the Raku body but still has brick grog and kyanite for strength. It is good for wheel and hand building. 



Low Fire Cone 06-02
Avg. Shrinkage 2±%: 6%
Avg. Absorption 1±%: 14.07%

L&R White Raku

  • 25lb/ 1bag $22.00 /bag
    100lb/ 4bags $19.25 /bag
    500lb/ 20bags $17.88 /bag
    1000lb/ 40bags $14.98 /bag
    2000lb/ 80bags $14.38 /bag
    4000lb/ 160bags $13.52 /bag
    8000lb/ 320bags $11.68 /bag


    For any orders over 75lbs, Please call (720)-282-9594.

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